My name is Alex – and I do a lot.  By trade, I’m a systems administrator for a non-profit company in Cumming, GA.  You could say that that’s my day job – and you’d be correct.  By night, though, I thoroughly enjoy dabbling in the art world and expanding my creative prowess.

I firmly believe that art exists in all things.

Here on this site you will find a random smattering of posts – from my artistic conquests, to my logically driven computer-based discovery and walk-throughs.  I’ve taken the liberty to segment them out, even, so that those of you who prefer one topic over the other don’t have to hunt around.

It’s been said that those who want to succeed do one thing and they do it well.  My aim is to be creative in every thing that I do, and in each and every thing I approach, I try to maintain a creative edge.  My art keeps my sanity in check, and the computers are better for it.

I hope that I can provide artistic enjoyment, intellectual stimulation, or sanity-saving systems administration assistance… or better yet – all three.

Enjoy your stay!

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