How to Take Notes and ACTUALLY Remember Them

How to Take Notes and ACTUALLY Remember Them

…Perhaps that title should actually read “How I take notes and actually remember them” – or maybe “How not to take notes if you want to actually seem normal to other people.”

Eh, whatever, I’m pretty sure that what I’m sharing here is nothing new, but I’ve been a little slack in posting new content (thanks, life, for giving me things to do and people to do things with.  You’re such a drag.  Bluh =P) and feel like I need to actually post something and NOW.

So – what I do, is actually doodle what’s going on.  I can’t just doodle whatever I want – I actually have to doodle something that has to do with the topic currently being discussed.  For me, this changes the page full of notes from a whole block of ugly text, and makes it an image.

I don’t quickly forget images, I can recall most things from any given point in stupid detail (now, to train my hand to draw them, and my plan will be complete! [evil laughter is heard]).  This allows me to store the written words as an image – like a .jpg in my brain instead of a .docx – and i can just recall the image with Quick Look, and bam, it’s on the screen of my brain.

Or something like that.

The text stays blurry, but the images jog my memory, and the text will re-form in my mind.  Quite fascinating, really.

Revelation Notes (Note taking) 1

Revelation Notes (Note taking) 2Revelation Notes (Note taking) 3

Side note: (haha! see what I did there?) I always use Rhodia pads.  the vellum…  it’s just smooth as silk.