New Paintings – “Distress” and “Myoce”

New Paintings – “Distress” and “Myoce”

Here’s two new ones, fresh and… unusually abstract?

The first, “Distress” was originally supposed to be something else (and not actually abstract, at that) but the base painting i was doing ended up intriguing me so much i decided to leave it as it is, and worked on the form a bit more to give it the image it has.


'Distress' - Acrylic on Canvas


And this one, called Myoce for now, is the base layer for something completely else – that will hopefully end up exactly as i have in my mind.

Which usually means there will be a lot of wasted canvas =D


'Myoce' - Acrylic on canvas


  1. Robin Gordon

    Love the colors and textures…I think “Distress” looks more like “Cool Thrills”!! Great Job!